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The Host Graphics

icons, wallpapers, manips, banners, graphics galore

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For The Host icons, wallpapers, manips, and other graphics.

This community is for posting any graphics related to Stephenie Meyer's novel The Host.

1. This is a graphics community - that means icons, wallpapers, manipulations, banners/headers, fanmix art, etc. are all very welcome. Fanfic and discussion belong in other communities for The Host.

2. Do not steal, edit or copy other people's work. Please comment/credit if the artist asks.

3. Constructive criticism is welcomed, flaming is not. Anyone found flaming will be banned from the community.

4. If you are posting more than three icons or large graphics, please place them behind an lj cut.

5. Only preview icons/graphics that are related to The Host.

6. Please tag your entries using the existing tag system. If a new tag is needed, just please mention it in your post and I will add it.

7. Individual request posts are now allowed. Please write the type of request in the subject of the post (e.g. Request: Ian/Wanda banner) and post specifics about actors, sizes, quotes, colors, etc. behind a cut.

8. Please do not advertise your community here. If you would like your community to be promoted, please leave a comment here and I will do an occasional (probably weekly) promotion post.

9. This should go without saying, but no hotlinking.

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